Learn About Our Revolutionary Organum Medicinalis Healing Instrument

About Us

Founder of Essential Resonance: Frans Bosman of Mosier, Oregon has been working with pipe organ sound for the better part of his life. He studied cross-cultural healing methods with sound and music as well as Sacred Sound at the OPEN EAR CENTER, currently located in Santa Fe NM and is a CERTIFIED practitioner of Sound Healing and Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention. Of course this is not where it ends. Studies are always ongoing because the subject of healing with sound is endless, new ways of applying ancient principals are constantly developed.

Born in The Netherlands, where pipe organs play a major role in the cultural and spiritual traditions, Frans had years of exposure to those most beautiful instruments which left a deep and lasting impression. Building and restoring pipe organs for over 35 years has set the stage for an understanding of the effects of sound on all levels of our human existence. It ultimately provided the tools to bring light and harmony, through sound, into the lives of those in need of healing.

His unique healing instrument “Organum Medicinalis(R)” is the result of the experience with organ pipe tone and its effect on us humans on all levels. See testimonials.