A unique and
innovative approach
to the field of sound

“The Organum brought an extraordinary feeling of lightness to the whole body, as though I was floating slightly off the table. A pure joy ascended up from the root chakra and lodged itself in the heart chakra. It was all of the deepest peace as I was held by the deepest notes.”

James D’Angelo

Organum Medicinalis(R) is the brand name of our instrument, invented and designed by sound healer, pipe organ builder and founder of “Essential Resonance” Frans Bosman, for the Sound Healing Community as well as those involved in Composition and the creation of Sacred Spaces.

After the initial success of the prototype, this instrument of healing was presented at the 2007 Sound Healing Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico  by Frans Bosman and Don Campbell (renowned musician, speaker, expert sound healer, and author of The Mozart Effect, Sound Spirit, and numerous other works). It has been demonstated at the exhibits of the Global Sound Conference in Los Angeles in May 2008, and will be again at the Third Annual Sound Healing Conference in Santa Fe, to be held in November 2008.

Organum Medicinali(R) consists of rows of pipe organs which are placed on either side of a client and then used in a variety of healing techniques which envelop the client in the fullest sound spectrum possible with the selected types of organ pipes.

Organum Medicinalis(R) promises to be a powerful tool for the international sound healing community, as well as for composers who favor natural sound for drones and special effects. Certain versions are available for Sacred Spaces, inspired by our vision of new sounds with
specifically chosen pipes for the creation of music for spiritual healing.