A unique and
innovative approach
to the field of sound

1. Placed on either side of the client, pipes of the same frequency but slightly off key could be placed, causing binaural beat that can be increased or decreased in frequency, since the pipes can be tuned very quickly.

2. A great number of intervals are available for specific applications.

3. Single tones can be sounded, much like other tone-generating instruments such as bowls and forks.

4. Since the pipes are placed according to pitch and the location of human energy centers or chakras, a complete chakra “tune-up” may be possible, especially when pipes of the same pitch, placed on either side of the client, are played as a very slowly ascending scale. Tuning allows the practitioner to administer more specifically the sounds or pitches needed for the particular client, since the tones associated with specific chakras are somewhat different for all of us.

5. With enough pipes in each row, a composition for pipes with or without other instruments or voices could be created for specific needs. Older tuning systems with pure intervals as well as Medieval Modes have shown beneficial effects on many levels.

6. Composers could take advantage of this instrument when in need of special effects or drones with Natural Sound.

7. This instrument, although using ancient concepts, offers new sounds for spiritual practice, especially when combined with voice (chant, mantra practice etc.) The experience of this is truly extraordinary.