A unique and
innovative approach
to the field of sound

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Some of the topics to be covered in the initial consultation:

  • Number and type of pipes.
  • Scale and size of largest pipe.
  • Pipe metals.
  • The room it will be used in, and the wind pressure needed to play the pipes.
  • Keyboard configuration or computer controlled systems.

Systems can be made in many sizes and configurations.
Here are two examples and the cost of creating them.

Organum Medicinalis(R): $35,900.-

  • Two single rows of 25 pipes: 50 total.
  • Tallest pipe “C”  4′ resonator.
  • Separate keyboard for each row of pipes.

Organum Medicinalis(R): Model “Chakra” $9200.-

  • Two single rows of 12 pipes. 16 total.
  • Tallest pipe “C”  4′ resonator. Soft tone.
  • Each pipe manually operated by practitioner or client. (No keyboards)