A unique and
innovative approach
to the field of sound

Some of the comments during the GLOBAL SOUND CONFERENCE in Marina del Rey (LA) May 2008:

” I have had nerve pain in my lower back and all the way down into my left leg. After one treatment I was pain free for a length of time. This was the first time something helped this condition.”

” It was very easy to not have the usual brain chatter, and to be empty. This treatment provided me with a stable non-mental time. I would have liked more of it; a longer session.”

” It felt like I was in a cocoon, and I received a massage from all sides during this sound bath. Also with the single sounds, I could feel where they resonated in my body. I could see lots of color, from yellow/green to purple, and my body is calm.
The higher notes caused shifts and movements, and were very cleansing; the lower notes made me feel safe and at home. It felt nurturing.
During the ascending scale, the chakras were touched in order.
Afterwards I could feel, with my hands, the energy around my body, and how it had changed.

Very uplifting! Cleansing. It takes you right up to the Angelic realm, in a very short time.

Very relaxing! I saw a lot of indigo, and went “out” for some time and can’t recall. The pain in my back on the right side disappeared.

This experience gave me the trust I needed, to continue on my path of healing.

WOW!!! I felt the energy moving in a circular way, and on the 4th sound I felt the needed change in my heart chakra; something just “popped out”.

The sound still resonated after it ended. My mind became really quiet, and it was so easy to return to stillness when a thought was trying to interfere.

Huge crossing waves of energy especially with the low notes. And sine waves from either side in an harmonic pattern when higher frequencies came. These patterns were more and more integrating.

Very angelic in sound! It was penetrating to the point that the body no longer resisted and became receptive. My scar tissues made themselves known and the numbness in my hands and feet disappeared.

WOW!!! I don’t want to come out of this beautiful place!

These sounds were recharging my nervous system, up and down my spine. My face felt warm.

My left and right brain felt very balanced, and I could see a pathway down the center of the hemispheres. That was very clear! There was a green light shining in front of my third eye, onto that path. This experience was very harmonizing.

When the sounds began, I felt the problem areas in my body vibrate lightly: Thyroid and the L5 Sac1 disk area. They vibrated in a different way than the rest of my body.
At the same time, I saw in my mind’s eye a glowing pyramid. It was purple with an edge of white.

I felt as though I was traveling through space; seeing the planet Saturn and its rings and moons.
There is a universal quality to this sound/energy that almost reminds one of “The Source.”
I recommend this to everyone!

I used to sing, but had grown to be afraid of what my voice would do, and to the point of having physical problems before every performance.
When the sounds began, I felt a surge of warmth in and around my throat area, and at first a tightening. But then several physical responses came: I began salivating as if a cleansing occurred, and my breathing became very deep and low in the belly.
At the end of the session I felt a release; a surrender in my throat and voice. It was magical!
Minutes after leaving the session, I was greeted by a stranger, and when I responded, the person stopped me mid-sentence and said: “You have such an amazing voice. Your tone is beautiful!”
I feel that the energy that was released during this healing session was profound and created a huge shift in my voice.
Thank you Frans!!

Some of the comments during the THIRD ANNUAL SOUND HEALING CONFERENCE in Santa Fe NM,

November 2008:


There was a sense of spaciousness and a womb like quality, in which I felt very supported. The high notes seem to open the cells; the low notes vibrating the bones.The overall sense was one of great well-being.                                                     And this was just a 3 minute sample. Full sessions could be quite long, especially for experienced meditators.


Organum Medicinalis moved energy through my entire body; revitalizing, rejuvenating, energy enriching! To this sample session I brought a specific question about “life purpose” at this time in my life. Though the exhibit room was full and a bit loud, I received clear angelic voices saying my name and answering my question with words, and also visuals of the experience to come. Thank you and God bless you!


Nov.15: I had a session with Frans’ Organum Medicinalis. With the first note, I began to vibrate; then the table began to vibrate; then the table and I synchronized, and I could feel the vibrations from my crown chakra downwards through my body. My breath evened out and went deeper. The entire experience was awesome!


As the sound began I was overcome by the need/urge to smile. I held a deep joyful smile on my face for much of the experience. It was as if the sounds were calling forth a deep joy, not associated with any particular thing - just a pure energy of “being.”       The sounds took me into a meditative state - immediately! - there was no effort involved. I was able to be very present and simultaneously gone to another energy field. Thank you for a healing and profoundly transporting experience!


(herniated discs) I felt an energy shift from right to left in the lower back area, and a relaxation response with the urge to go into a deep meditation. It felt like I could have disappeared into a parallel universe for a while. My circulation seemed to increase and I felt a warmth throughout my body. Thank you!


I shared with Frans that the experience of my hands going numb (due to an old neck injury) was reawakened by feelings of rejection. When the sounds began, they entered first my third eye; then the 5th chakra and neck and then the heart chakra down to the 3rd and all the way down to my feet. I felt resonance between all chakras (especially the crown) and all were harmonized. The place of the old injury in my neck feels alive again! Thank you!


Nov. 17: My Organum Medicinalis experience was quite powerful. Shortly after the treatment began, I felt a distinct back and forth movement laterally through my body, first starting at my head and then moving towards my feet. The feeling was very strong in my head, were it felt as if a pendulum was swinging back ad forth. About midway through the session this sensation subsided and my whole body felt lighter, as if it had been cleansed by the sound. A few minutes more, and I probably would have felt suspended in the air by the sound - floating in a “cloud” of sound as it were.

Overall, this was the most complete sensation of ” immersion in sound” that I have experienced. When one listens to sound with head phones, that sound literally feels like it IS in your head, but with the Organum Medicinalis, the sensation was one of being immersed in a much larger sphere. Fantastic! Thank you so much for developing this technology!


The Organum Medicinalis brought an extraordinary feeling of lightness to the whole body, as though I was floating slightly off the table. A pure joy ascended up from the root chakra and lodged itself in the heart chakra. It was all of the deepest peace, as I was held by the deepest notes.